And that sums it up.

Whether you believe the coronavirus is real or a hoax, here’s the bottom line. . .

#collaboration is where it’s at and I’ve been saying that for years.

I have noticed that many “spiritual” people are putting forth that COVID-19 is a manifestation of fear & separation, and offering varying degrees of “I’m not buying in to that” or “I am too high vibration for that to have anything to do with me.”

I would like to offer a different frame. I see COVID-19 as an invitation. We are invited to remember that we are all one human family, and to survive and thrive we have to collaborate.

I endure the minor inconvenience of wearing a mask–not because I am afraid I have the virus or that you do–but because that minor inconvenience is an easy price to pay in case I am mistaken. We collaborate to keep each other safe and healthy.

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