And just like that the universe brought us 4 more houses to look at! Three popped up late yesterday and one this morning.

The one that popped up this morning is even on the same street as the green one!! It’s in the end of the cul-de-sac which I like better too and it’s the same price.

Basically the same house but reverse floorplan. The backyard isn’t as nice but there’s more trees which I like a lot.

It has an open house today so we’re going to to go look. The others have open houses tomorrow.

I’ll let y’all know how it goes!

Pics below:
Top left: the one down the block from the green one, just reverse floor plan and a little more open inside. It’s got a little bit more square footage as well

Top right: a little further from Nathan’s school but doable. There’s also a blue one on the same block that just came up for sale too. Exact same look, just blue instead of white/cream/red

Bottom: in the same area as the top left. The nicest thing about this one is that there are 4 bedrooms AND an office space, which I really like