After a bit of deliberation and testing, I decided to move the Courses to their own subdomain so they’re not on the main website, but still easily linked.

Since I already had the courses setup on the main domain and didn’t want to recreate everything, I decided to clone the site and upload the clone to the new subdomain. Worked like a charm!

Now, to get everything configured and linked.

I’ve extended the pre-sale through Monday so if you’re wanting to learn how to build your own course on your own WordPress website, check it out.


The pre-launch price is $149 and will go up to $299 when it’s totally ready to go.

My plan is to finish up the last few things tomorrow and Monday, including the remaining videos and lessons.

Because today, I’m finishing up some stuff on a client’s site and watching Mr. Bubs while his mama is at work.

Speaking of client work – I do have an opening for web design if you’re in the market for a new site or a redesign of a current site. PM for info.