6 years ago today. I remember this day clearly. . . I was clear across the cou

6 years ago today.

I remember this day clearly. . .

I was clear across the country from home – home being just 3 miles from this high school – with my coach when all of a sudden I started getting massive amounts of phone calls and texts from family and friends asking if my kiddos were ok.

And honestly, I was fucking terrified.

Even though my younger kids were in middle school and elementary school at the time and didn’t go to MP. My oldest was already in college and #2 was home schooling.

But I did – I graduated from this high school in 1991. It wasn’t my favorite place in the world. In fact, I hated going to school there.

See, I was an ‘outsider’ because I didn’t come to this town, this school district, until I was a sophomore.

And still, this tragedy struck me in a way I never knew could happen. It was SO close to home. MY HOME. A place I once called ‘my school’ as a teenager.

The hardest part, though? We knew these kids and these families involved. I went to high school with their parents, their aunts, their uncles, cousins. My kids went to school with their children, their nieces and nephews, their grandkids.

Nothing will ever be the same here, in this town. In this school. It won’t. It can’t.

That’s both a curse,
And a blessing.

And it’s the backbone of the reason One Generation Peace Coalition exists. . .

To teach our youth and our young adults that love and truth are the pathway. That there is another way to be in life and in the world.

That we can create a world of peace and love in One Generation.

Eradicate poverty and war.
Eliminate fear and hatred.

It starts with YOU.
So start TODAY. Start NOW.
#neverforget #mphs #ogpc #peace #belove #betrue



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