6 years ago, I restarted my Mastermind group after taking a hiatus for a few years.

Then in 2016 after a lot of change, both within and without, I rebranded the Mastermind.

But over the past couple of weeks, some thoughts have been brewing. . .

And I’ve come to the conclusion that, not only is it time for a rebrand – or rather, returning the Mastermind to it’s origins – it’s also time to split it into two different programs.

So, for 2020, The Legacy Circle is making a comeback!

And between now and Christmas Day, I’m offering early bird pricing.

Now, years ago when I created The Legacy Circle, it was about LIVING your Legacy; because your Legacy is not just what you leave behind when you pass on, it’s what you do while you’re still around.

But The Legacy Circle is also much more than that. It’s about systems and tools and processes that help create a solid foundation for both your business and your life.

In 2020, The Legacy Circle will run from February through November. We’ll meet a few times per month as a group AND you’ll also get some 1:1 time with me in between group sessions.

More details will be coming soon but if this is something you’ve been looking for or wanting for next year, send me a pm and we’ll talk.