14 days until closing!! 14 days until closing!! 14 days until closing!! We get

14 days until closing!! 14 days until closing!! 14 days until closing!!

We get possession at 5pm on closing, which is a Thursday and I’ll tell ya what – at 5:01pm I’m gonna walk into the house and do a happy dance from one end to the other!!!!

As we get closer to having our own house again, there are so many things to do! And I’m excited that I’ll have separate office and bedroom spaces as well. I think that’s probably my favorite part!

I’ve got feelers out to a couple of groups that do odd jobs and moving help to see if they’re available for the 2 days right after closing, which will be Friday and Saturday. Hoping we can get moved in on those 2 days so we don’t have to pay for another month of storage (which will be due that Saturday).

Yesterday I ordered an undated calendar that is basically giant sticky notes so I can stick them to the walls. I’ll use one here now to help map out the next few weeks because there’s so much we need to get done! And then I’ll be able to use them in the office.

Anyway, since I’ll have space again and more privacy and won’t have to worry about waking up sleeping people, I’m starting up the Mastermind and one-to-one coaching and strategy sessions very soon.

The Mastermind fee for 2021 will be $5500 if paid in full (which saves you $500) or there are 2 payment plan options: $1000/mo for 6 months or $600/mo for 10 months.

I’ll officially launch it in the next few weeks and we’ll start in late May or early June (depending on how quickly it fills up) but right now, you can get on the waiting list if you’re interested in the Mastermind. Link will be in the comments.

The fee for one-to-one coaching and strategy is $700/mo. If you want, you can pay monthly, ($700 each month), quarterly (one payment of $2100) or you can pay for a full 6 months and save $600 (one payment of $3600) which also gets you a half-day VIP session.

Each month, you’ll receive 3 – 90 minute sessions plus 20-minute check in sessions whenever you need them, as well as on-demand access via WhatsApp or Voxer (excluding weekends, holidays, and other non-work days).

Let me know if you’d like to see if we’re a good fit to work together and we can setup a quick Zoom call for next week.


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